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The New Book of Prime Number Records
Additions and Errata

We have found Paulo Ribenboim's text The New Book of Prime Number Records, 3ed. (Springer-Verlag New York, 1995; QA246 .R47; ISBN 0-387-94457-5) to be an invaluable reference and recommend it to everyone interested in primes. To make this book even more useful we offer the following list of errors and additions. If you know of others please let us know. (Note: Ribenboim has named this the "official" site for the collections of typos and errata from his text--all will be forwarded to him.)

Special thanks to C .R. J. Currie, Marc Deléglise, Harvey Dubner, Bill Dubuque, Tony Forbes, Warut Roonguthai, Jörg Richstein, Carlos B. Rivera, and Luiz Rodriguez Torres, for pointing out errors in Ribenboim's book (and sometimes in this page of errata!)


Chapter 1: How Many Primes Are There?

Chapter 2: How to Recognize Whether a Natural Number is Prime

Chapter 3: Are There Functions Defining Prime Numbers?

Chapter 4: How Are the Prime Numbers Distributed?

Chapter 5: Which Special Kinds of Primes Have Been Considered?

Chapter 6: Heuristics and Probablistic Results about Prime Numbers

The Rest of the Book

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